Welcome to KK Mold Design & Machining, LLC

KK Mold Design & Machining provides designing and manufacturing of 3D Plastic Injection Molds. We also specialize in machining close tolerance components for Prototype Development parts and/or full service CNC Machining production. Some of our services include, Precision CNC Machining and Production, Product Design and Development and Fixtures and Assembly.

Our customers include Engineers, Scientists within the Bio-Tech, Government Agencies and the Department of Defense spectrum.

We offer engineering design solutions for Fire, Electronic, Auto, Military, Bio-Tech, Mining, Medical and Aerospace industries along with many others. We provide free quotes along with engineering design solutions with feedback expertise.

KK Mold Design & Machining, LLC is your number one source for precision machining. We provide quality work and attention to detail to make your product our priority.



KK Mold Design & Machining was originally established in the early 1990s, focusing solely on designing and building quality plastic injection molds. Then in 1998 the company was expanded to include precision machining and prototype design.


The capabilities of KK Mold Design & Machining range from being equipped with machines and engineering machining expertise to producing close tolerance components & production prototypes